A simple file directory explorer that supports compound regex renaming of files and directories, with live preview of changes. The intent of the project is to provide similar utility as can be found in tools like Microsoft's PowerRename, but easier to write and perform complex regex operations.

Like many other projects, this started out to fill a need in my own personal workflow. Traditionally a tool like this would be rough around the edges with only the bare minimum implemented to fulfill its purpose, but Godot makes it so easy to develop UI heavy projects with, I went ahead and fully fleshed out the tool.

Compound Expressions

There is no limit to the number of expressions you can run file-names through, and expressions and their replacement content support both numbered and named capture groups. This makes tasks that would otherwise require complex expressions, simple and easy to write once the solution is broken up into multiple steps.

Compound expressions make each expression less complicated.

This example shows how you can easily pad numbers with leading zeros, by using two expressions, instead of a single, complicated expression. The example also shows how to use both numbered and named capture groups.

Working With Files

Both files and expressions support toggling on and off, so you can rename only the files you want, and preview different combinations of changes. Expressions also support drag-and-drop to rearrange their order of operation.

Both files and expressions can be easily toggled on and off, to apply only the changes you want, to only the files you want.

Built With the Godot Engine

Regex Explorer was built using the Godot Engine, and is licensed under the MIT license. This makes the utility easy to understand and modify if additional functionality is needed, and all code is reviewable to ensure it's not doing anything you don't intend it to do. Also useful for reviewing if you intend to work on your own Godot based projects.

Source is available in the Regex Explorer repo on Github.